Advanced longe work (longe work 4)


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Event date: 08.12.2022 - 20:00:00 Access in days after purchase: 90 days Language: English Duration: 90min Trainer:
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NEW DATE! The seminar is postponed to Dec. 8th!

Our horse knows the side movements on the longe and we can straighten it. Now we laid the foundation for the advanced work, which is the topic of this web-seminar.

We will speak about: transitions, canter on the longe, the beginning of collection, school halt on the longe, the long reining position. 

On the longe, it is easier for us to work the young horse or the horse in its basic education in the higher gaits. However, we have to prepare our horse well because there is less direct support from us and the horse has to learn good self-carriage!

As usual, I will show videos with my horses and I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge, tips and tricks with you!

The web-seminar takes about 90min (including questions and answers). If you cannot join live, please send me your questions beforehand to or via Facebook messenger.

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