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Product information “BB® Cavecon”

The thoughtful details from decades of experience of Bent Branderup, make the Cavecon a multifunctional, academic tool.
Value was placed on highest quality craftsmanship, under selection of best leather of european origin & processing.

The ganache strap is included and can be used or taken off as an option.



Nose:              58,0 cm   –    72,0 cm

Neck:              98,0 cm   –  110,0 cm

Ganache:        54,0 cm   –    62,0 cm


Nose:              54,0 cm  –      62,0 cm

Neck:              87,0 cm  –      98,0 cm

Ganache:        45,0 cm  –      53,0 cm

Care instructions:
Leather straps, such as head pieces and bridles, should be regularly cleaned and greased or oiled, depending on the region.
Please do not oil too often, then the leather may become too stretchy and threatens to tear. On the contrary, it should not be cleaned exclusively with water,
because then the leather can become too dry and brittle.

Minor color changes are possible due to varying light conditions during photography, as well as production-related.

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