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The School Saddle

In the same way that a violin is incomplete without its bow, the seat is incomplete without a fitting saddle.
Specifically for school riding Bent Branderup developed the Bent Branderup® School Saddle, that meets the needs of the Academic Art of Riding with its functionality and design.

Why a School Saddle?
Experience and good craftsmanship contribute to the education of body and mind, the right equipment creates the base of an unhindered development.
A saddle should fit both rider and horse while allowing them to feel every movement, both from horse to rider and from rider to horse.
While the traditionally established look of the galleries gives it a classical appearance, the technical set up of the School Saddle lets you dive into a whole other dimension of feeling.
To make sure that your saddle is a perfect match we will make a test and take measurements before manufacturing a saddle especially customized to your needs. Similarly to the pad and the education saddle you can also adjust the seat cushion by yourself to help you find an optimal position for hips and pelvis.
Its unique build allows you to shift your point of weight at any time, feel the direction of “swung” from the hindlegs and direct it through chest and shoulders until it reaches the hand.
Get involved in a sensitive dialogue, that – through clear communication – transforms into a symphony between horse and rider.

Customizing and Adjustment
Every School Saddle will be fitted individually.
If you contact us, we make an appointment for a test. For the appointment we will bring a test saddle that we can easily adjust to you and your horse for a little ride to get a first impression and a feeling for the saddle. The test ride is followed by a precise measurement process.
We take measurements at five different points that document the shape of the horse’s back, determine the size of the head iron and decide for the optimal cushion form as well as the required panel distance (freedom for the spine).
After all the technical procedures are done, it’s time for the design. Let your creativity go wild!
Freedom of choice:

  • Color of base and seat leather (black, dark brown, red brown, nature)
  • Color of girth straps (black or dark brown)
  • Buckle color (silver or brass)
  • Type of buckles (flower screw or screw with ring)
  • Color of the thread (black, dark brown, crème or white)

Caution: The School Saddle is a tool developed for the education of horse and rider in the Academic Art of Riding! It does have a flexible leather tree and a head as well as an efter iron and is suited for the use of stirrups. However, we would like to clarify that it is designed for working in an academic way!
Fitting: The Education Saddle is very flexible and therefore it is a good match for most horses and riders. We want to help our customers as best as we can and would like to satisfy all our customers. If you have questions about the saddle or if you wonder whether this is the right tool for you, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Have fun on your journey in the art of riding…

Technical details:
Sizes:   standard / high wither / pony
Back length:   standard / high wither 49cm (front edge to back edge of the pad)
pony                         42cm

Seat length:   37 cm (area of the seat leather)
Flap:   34cm (thread of the seat leather to the bottom of the flap)
Cushions:   flexible with special wool filling
Seat cushion:   individually adjustable to the needs of hips and pelvis by using wool filling

Included in the delivery:
200g wool filling
Warranty card

Available in the shop:
Saddle cover
Saddle blanket
Stirrup straps (have to be ordered separately if you decide for the safety stirrup bars)

Our saddles are articles of configuration and are individually fitted to the needs of your horse, which means they are excluded from revocation.

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