Bent Branderup® Felt Blanket




Product information “Bent Branderup® felt blanket”

The Bent Branderup® Felt Blanket is made of thin and durable felt. Two slashes are used to hold it in place, by using the girth straps. It rests perfectly flat without wrinkling.
Saddle blankets made of felt have a long standing tradition and that with good reason! Wool fibers act breathable and sweat absorbing and adapt quickly and optimally to each horse back.

It’s available in the colors grey, white, moss, brown and black.

Thickness:   5 mm
All further measures, please have look at the discribing photo!

Row material:
100 % wool (wollfelt from lamb wool)

Instructions for care:
DO NOT WASH! Felt must not be washed, it will still keep its authentic touch.  Sheep’s wool naturally contains wool grease (Lanolin) which makes it dirt-resistant. Horse hair and dust can be brushed out easily.

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