Language: English/Web-Seminar 16th of February 2021 – 08:00 PM with Ylvie Fros – “Straightness and Sidemovements”



Web-Seminar 16th of February 2021 – 08:00 PM with Ylvie Fros

Topic: Straightness and Sidemovements

When: 16th of February 2021

Time: 08:00 PM (timezone: Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna )

Seminar language: englisch

Lecturer: Ylvie Fros

How long is the recording available: 7 days (the recording is only available if a ticket was purchased before 5th of January 2021)

More Informations:

For the straightness of the horse we need the side movements. In this web-seminar you will learn which side movement are helpful for you and your horse to achieve a good straightness.

Procedure after purchase of a ticket:

You will receive an email with a personal link, in this email everything is explained how to join the seminar and how to view the recording.

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