Of course! Anyone who wants to get further training is in the right place! Be completely independent of time and space. Studying your favorite subject always makes sense!

The online horse academy has a huge range of teaching content that is second to none. Be part of it and profit from a constantly growing platform that is open to the wishes of its users.

The online horse academy is a streaming service whose members can use a wide range of educational videos, live streams and webinars on Internet-capable devices.

You can watch unlimited, ad-free content anytime and anywhere for a low monthly flat fee. There’s always something new to discover and more content is added every month.

The online horse academy offers a huge selection of educational videos, webinars, short videos, live streams and more. Many different topics such as riding, ground work, lunging, seat training, hand work, health, biomechanics, science and more. Already at the start of the online platform, many videos on different topics can be viewed.

The online riding school is a constantly growing online platform with weekly updates. Thus, new educational videos with interesting content are constantly being added. Watch as much as you want – and whenever you want.

You can view our content anywhere, anytime and on an unlimited number of devices. Just log in with your account on the website to view content directly on your computer, laptop or cell phone. Don’t have an account yet? Then create one here on this page.

Depending on what you have booked. With a yearly access you get unlimited access to all educational videos and short videos. As a bonus you will also receive one webinar or a live stream seminar of your choice per year for your booked period.

If you have a monthly access, you will be able to view all the educational videos that are included in this offer for the period you booked. You can also find all important information in the product description on the homepage.

Yes and no! Each trainer decides for himself whether live seminars or webinars can be viewed afterwards. For each seminar you will find this information under the description of the product.

There are several payment methods available:
– Paypal
– Credit card
– Per invoice (Klarna)
– Installment purchase (Klarna)
– Direct debit (only in Germany)

Yes! Klarna payment system allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of your annual subscription and still pay monthly. To do so, you have to select the payment method “Klarna” in the order process and agree on a monthly installment purchase.

You can either take a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. All information about what is included in the subscription, you can find on the homepage or in the next subitem of the FAQ’s.

There are two options for you to choose from. Depending on the subscription, different content is available.

The annual subscription with price advantage contains the following content:
– Access to all educational videos in the subscription area
– Access to all short videos with training ideas & tips for everyday life in the subscription area
– One live stream seminar or webinar per year
– Access to all trainer pages and their additional offers
– Interesting discounts on further offers of the online riding school
– 120 € per year saved
– Automatic renewal

The monthly subscription contains the following contents:
– Access to all educational videos in the subscription area
– Access to all trainer pages and their additional offers
– Interesting discounts on further offers of the online riding school
– Automatic renewal

For a monthly flat fee you can enjoy the online riding school on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or streaming device. There are two ways to enjoy the contents of the online platform. The monthly access currently costs 39,90 € (normal 49,90€) as an introductory price. For savers, we recommend a yearly access at the introductory price of 29.90 € (normal 39.90€), where all contents can be viewed completely and there are also great bonus offers. Furthermore you save 120€ per year with this account. There are no extra costs or hidden contracts with both subscription variants.

No. You can access webinars & live seminars at any time and without having to book a subscription.

It’s easy! After payment you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. You can then log in on the homepage www.online-horse-academy.com with your account that you created during the order process and thus have access to the live seminar/webinar.

You can also buy a voucher for our online riding school! Vouchers are an ideal gift idea for her and him. We have created different types of vouchers for you. In just a few steps you will receive your voucher directly as a gift.
1. Choose a suitable voucher for your occasion and put it into the shopping cart. Afterwards you are ready to buy the voucher.
2. You will receive your voucher code directly via email. Either you give away the voucher code as you receive it by email or
3. We will also send you a gift voucher card by mail. Just write us an email.

No problem! You can access the live seminar or webinar at any time. If there is no recording, you can still join in even while the seminar/webinar is running.

If there is a recording of the live seminar/webinar (you can find the information about this in the respective product), you can also access it conveniently at a later time.

If there are technical problems from our side, we will of course restart the seminar and re-set the stream on the site. If something does not work from your side, you can watch the video afterwards if a recording is available. You can find information about whether the live seminars/webinaries are recorded in the respective product.

No! You can view all contents and offers with your account without an app.

The online riding school is interested in a continuous development to make the use of the platform more and more interesting for you. That’s why an app is already in development that will make it even easier for you to use the platform with mobile devices in the future.

No & Yes!
The online horse academy does not offer direct access to the online lessons and does not offer the possibility of making appointments for online lessons with the individual trainers. Each trainer has created his own profile website within the platform. This profile shows if the trainer offers online lessons and how you can contact them to make an appointment.

Many webinars or live seminars include an extra question time. At this time you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Otherwise you can send an e-mail to the trainer afterwards. Please understand that it is not always possible to answer all questions if there are too many.

If you have any questions or problems when booking webinars or live seminars, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

The contents are intended exclusively for the private use of an authorized user. The rights belong to the respective trainer and OROHA GmbH & co KG. Use of the videos for business purposes is not permitted. In case of violation or disregard this has legal consequences.

No! The use of the platform is only allowed for your private and personal use. Any other use of the platform and its contents requires our explicit consent.
The contents of the online riding school are exclusively for owners with a valid access to the online platform. Filming or publishing of the contents is expressly prohibited and will be prosecuted.

No! It is forbidden to reproduce, modify, publish or/and in any way make the copyrighted works available to third parties privately or commercially.

With the online riding school you are flexible. You can cancel your membership at any time until the 15th of a month in advance. There are no additional fees for you.
Just send an e-mail to: kontakt@online-reitschule.de

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