All-In-One Cavecon


This cavecon is one size and adjustable from Cob to Warmblood


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All In One Cavecon

a true all-rounder under the cavecon bridles

The All In One-Cavecon offers a variety of different uses. The cavecon function on the middle ring allows excellent mobilisation and ground work to significantly improve mobility. Furthermore, through the side rings on the cavecon, a rein can be attached to enable riding or handwork.
Two additional sidepull rings have been added to the bridle to improve the lateral influence of the reins.

Two sidepull rings are attached to the centre of the chinstrap, which allow for lead and communication work without falsely imparting impulses to the cavesson. In this way, a distinction can be made between cavesson impulses and lead impulses. By attaching these two halter rings, a rein can also be attached, which makes riding or handwork possible in combination with two pairs of reins.

A bit can also be used with this cavecon. Two rings on the side allow bit straps to be fitted for buckling a bit. Thus the young horse can be accustomed to a bit or the experienced horse can find support through the bit function in addition to the cavecon.
Of course, the cavecon is equipped with an anatomically padded neck piece to ensure the highest wearing comfort.
In addition, the chinstrap is padded.

As a special highlight, the side connectors can also be replaced with Hackamore bridles. This makes a further method of action possible. The noseband is also interchangeable and can thus be replaced with another nosepiece as required.


Every horse is different and some people have several different horses. For this reason the all in one cavesson is adjustable in many important areas. The neck strap and cheek strap are adjustable in length. In addition, the noseband can be adjusted for a perfect fit over the bridge of the nose. The chinstrap can also be adjusted in length on both sides. This ensures individual fitting without pressure points.

It is one size fits all and can be adjusted from Cob to Warmblood.

Overview of the field of application:

Communication work
Gymnastic ground work
Bitless riding
Training young horses
Getting used to the bit
Riding with a bit in combination with a cavesson effect
Also for sensitive horse heads due to padded neck, nose and chin straps


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