Neck Rope 7 Metres – Multifunctional


Multifunctional neck rope with 7 metres


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Multifunctional neck rope with 7 metres

The neck rope can be used on a cavesson and at the same time as a neck rope and has several functions. It is made of cotton and was developed in collaboration with Marius Schneider for use in academic art of riding.

The lunge can of course also be used as a stand-alone lunge without neck rope function, or as a neck-only lunge, offering a product with many different possibilities.



  • direct leading of the shoulders is possible
  • influence on the cavesson
  • 7 metre length, can also be used as a lunge line
  • with leather loop
  • Carabiner can be buckled in additionally
  • made of high quality cotton

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Schwarz, Natur


Silber, Messing

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