The Hyperbole as a Gymnastic Exercise (Webinar recording)


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The hyperbole is a very commonly used exercise in the classes with Kenneth. He uses it in his classes for multiple reasons. It is a good gymnastic exercise to get the horse more supple and it helps the trainer to isolate different elements/aids in their training. Here are two of the most important reasons why this webinar will be very beneficial:

– The first advantage:
A horse should get some gymnastic exercises to develop a supple body. Shoulder mobility will support the horse to give the inside hip a good placement forward. The forward placement of the inside hip is a requirement for a good stelling and bending. The hyperbole will give the horse a good gymnastics for the mobility of the shoulders. It will result in more softness and giving to the inside hand and the inside hip well placed forward.

– The second advantage:
The trainer should learn to understand the different elements of a good balance. Do you know which elements you can work with to solve stiffness in an exercise? In the hyperbole Kenneth will work with defining different elements to get a good balance into your horse. First he will start to develop a basic figure to check the communication. When the basic figure is understood he will extend it to more difficult situations. A moment when the horse becomes stiff is for example during the change of lead or in a straight line. Integrating the hyperbole will clarify to the trainer what element should be changed in the training in a certain order.

This webinar will explain a very basic suppling exercise to your horse. It evolves a lot of different elements to guarantee a good balance. This basic exercise can be integrated later into all the more advanced exercises you will develop.

Looking forward to meeting you in the webinar!

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