Leading insights 8: position & direction

How to change your position compared to the horse 

Horses are communicating by the use of body language and body position. In the previous clips you have learned to stay more fixed in one position. In this class you will learn more about changing your body position. Why is your body position so important? What influence does your body position have on the horse? How can you later on use it in your advantage? How could you change your body position, without bothering or getting the horse stressed about it? 

Direction control basic 

The goal is to become every member of the herd we have. The horse standing in the front decides the speed, so does the horse in the back. The horses from the sides decide the direction. In the beginning of the education of your horse and yourself, replacing all these horses at the same time might be difficult. In this video you will learn more about the very basic on building up a clear direction control in your horse. 

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Kenneth Vansweevelt Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer
Kenneth Vansweevelt Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

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