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In addition to being a licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer, Ylvie Fros is also a Centered Riding® Level III physician/trainer and a body therapist for humans.
Besides teaching academic groundwork and riding and Centered Riding with horses, Ylvie also works with riders off the horse to release tensions and re-align their bodies. Ylvie practices zen and martial arts and has an enormous interest in the mind-body connection in both rider and horse.

Also, if you want more, you can purchase both Ylvie’s Riders Biomechanics and Horse Biomechanics modules as a package price, for this offer, you can visit Ylvie’s website for the online modules. You find the package deal at
the bottom: https://ylviefros.kartra.com/page/online-modules

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Ylvie Fros Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer
Ylvie Fros Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

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