Eef Nibbelink

  • Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

Eef Nibbelink grew up with horses and cannot imagine a life without them. Throughout her childhood she learned a lot from horses and also now she learns from them every day. Horses are one of the main reasons Eef aspires to be a better person.
There are countless ways to spend time with horses. Eef chose the academic art of riding by Bent Branderup®, because it unites all aspects of being with horses. The mental and physical well-being and development of both horse and rider are at its core. What Eef strives for is those moments when everything falls into place, when horse and human move and think as one. That is for her the ‘art’ in academic art of riding. She enjoys helping others toward this magical feeling.
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Eef Nibbelink Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

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