Katrine Buur

  • Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

Katrine Buur is the founder of Contemporary Art of Riding, which has emerged from a genuine passion for the careful education of the horse. Since 2004 Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup has been an essential part of these studies. In recent times the horse world has parted from classical ideals in both positive and negative ways; from the perspective of the horse. Both some roughness and some softness has vanished. Let’s bring the softness back!

Academic principles make it possible to be fair and considerate to the horse´s body, mind and motivation – not only as an end result, but throughout the process. If we want a happy, healthy and lasting riding horse, we must first and foremost create and nurture the joy of moving together. In this way we can begin to do stuff with the horse, meanwhile we are able just to be together – in the moment.

Katrines goal is to guide and help horse lovers create a soulful relation to their horse, where they can both learn skills together with presence, trust and creativity.

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Katrine Buur Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer
Katrine Buur Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

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