Masterclass: Natural Asymmetry and Training for Straightness (all seminars!)

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Big course package! This course contains all 10 seminars on the subject of natural asymmetry and straightness by Bettina Biolik.

All seminars will be available immediately after purchase.

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Here you can find all the webinar recordings of Bettina Biolik’s seminar series “Natural asymmetry and training for straightness” in one package for a special price!

  • Over 22 hours packed with theory, video examples, tips and tricks!
  • Step by step instructions!
  • One full year access to all 10 seminars!

Understanding the horse’s natural crookedness is an essential prerequisite for correct training so that our horse remains healthy and balanced into old age. The crookedness affects the aids and the training progress as well as the correct performance of the exercises. Natural crookedness can cause many problems, such as muscle tension, tendon problems, rhythm disturbances, lameness, development of compensatory muscles and joint diseases.

Is your horse comfortable to ride on one side, but on the other side everything feels wrong? Do the exercises work well on one side but are difficult on the other? Would you like to help your horse become more straight with your seat? Would you like to know how to balance your horse with lateral movements? Are you wondering whether or not you should ride your horse forward-down? Then this webinar series is just just right for you to dive deep into the asymmetry of the horse and to truly understand straightness!


  • Seminar 1: The natural asymmetry of the horse (113 min)
  • Seminar 2: Analysing the asymmetry of the horse, part 1 (103 min)
  • Seminar 3: Analysing the asymmetry of the horse, part 2 (137 min)
  • Seminar 4: Natural asymmetry and the aids on the ground (110 min)
  • Seminar 5: The rider’s seat and natural asymmetry (112 min)
  • Seminar 6: Mental balance (130 min)
  • Seminar 7: Straightening through side movements (110 min)
  • Seminar 8: Horizontal balance: forward-down, yes or no? (129 min)
  • Seminar 9: Training for straightness: School figures and training sequences (111 min)
  • Seminar 10: Straightness and collection (160 min)


“I am delighted to present you this series of seminars, packed with knowledge! I wish you many light bulb moments and lots of fun practicing with your horses!” Bettina Biolik


About Bettina Biolik:

Bettina Biolik is a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer®. She knows how to explain art of riding content in a way that is easy to understand and competent. Her warm and open manner makes her students feel well supported and she pays great attention to fine communication with the horse.

Bettina teaches clinics worldwide and has been part of the Online Riding Academy since 2020. In February 2023 she founded her own learning platform The Art of Riding Classroom.

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