Bettina Biolik

  • Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

Bettina Biolik is a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer. After her studies for a teacher’s degree at the University of Leipzig, she moved to Poland, where she has a small farm and teaches private lessons as well as public clinics in order to make the academic art of riding more known. Her main focus is on a soft communication with the horse, clear body language, a good understanding of the groundwork and riding aids, and correct movement. She is especially enthusiastic about training for straightness. Bettina is available for one day workshops and weekend clinics, and enjoys to travel internationally, too. She teaches in English and German.

“My motto is: Horse training with heart and mind. I strive to connect understanding and feel, reason and emotion, sense and sensibility. Whenever these two aspects are out of balance, we get into trouble. It’s important to know why and how we are doing things and we need to have an open heart doing it. To me, a good connection is just as important as correct training. This is my way and I invite you to join me!”

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Bettina Biolik Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

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