Analysing the asymmetry of the horse part 1: in standstill

The second part of the webinar series “Natural asymmetry and training for straightness” is about the evaluation of asymmetry in standing and useful criteria for doing so will be discussed.

  • How can I asses the asymmetry of my horse?
  • How can I see the weight distribution between the four legs?
  • What points to right and wrong rotations?

For this seminar you can send in pictures of your horses for evaluation. The following pictures are required:

  • From the front
  • From both sides (right and left)
  • From behind: the entire spine from head to tail must be visible. It is best to do this from a ladder/ a mounting aid.

The whole horse should always be visible. Please without bridle and saddle, or blanket. The horse should be allowed to assume its natural head position. Do not demand a square standing position, but let the horse stand as it likes to stand.

Please send the pictures to by 24.02. at the latest!

About the webinar series:

Understanding the natural asymmetry of the horse is essential to educating our horse correctly, so as to keep it sound and balanced until old age. Crookedness affects aids and training progress, as well as correct performance of exercises. Natural asymmetry can cause many problems such as muscle tensions, tendon problems, problems with rhythm, lameness, development of compensation muscles, and joint diseases.

Do you enjoy riding your horse to one side, but to the other, everything feels wrong? Do exercises work on one hand but are difficult to the other? Do you wish to help your horse to more straightness with your seat? Would you like to know how to balance your horse with side movements? Do you wonder if you should ride your horse forward down or not? Then join this webinar series and use this year to dive deeply into the horse’s crookedness and understanding true straightness. 

Duration of the web-seminar: about 90 minutes. The seminar is recorded and you can access the recording for 90 days. It is possible to ask questions during the seminar.

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Bettina Biolik Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer
Bettina Biolik Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer
Bettina Biolik Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

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