Natural Asymmetry and Training for Straightness

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Event date: 19.12.2023 - 20:00:00 Access in days after Event: 90 days Language: English Duration: 186min Trainer:
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In the eleventh and last part of the webinar series “Natural asymmetry and training for straightness”, we summarise our insights so far.

  • What is the natural asymmetry of the horse and how can we analyse our horse with regard to its asymmetry?
  • How does crookedness influence the aids and our seat?
  • How about the mental balance of the horse?
  • Which exercises, school figures and exercise routines help our horse find better balance?
  • And how do Straightness and collection relate to each other?

Moreover, Bettina is happy to answer all your questions about the topics natural asymmetry and straightness in this free webinar.


About the webinar series:

Understanding the natural asymmetry of the horse is essential to educating our horse correctly, so as to keep it sound and balanced until old age. Crookedness affects aids and training progress, as well as correct performance of exercises. Natural asymmetry can cause many problems such as muscle tensions, tendon problems, problems with rhythm, lameness, development of compensation muscles, and joint diseases.

Do you enjoy riding your horse to one side, but to the other, everything feels wrong? Do exercises work on one hand but are difficult to the other? Do you wish to help your horse to more straightness with your seat? Would you like to know how to balance your horse with side movements? Do you wonder if you should ride your horse forward down or not? Then join this webinar series and use this year to dive deeply into the horse’s crookedness and understanding true straightness. 


Duration of the web-seminar: about 90 minutes. The seminar is recorded and you can access the recording for 90 days. It is possible to ask questions during the seminar.

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