Online Horse Academy for Academic art of Riding

The Concept


Learning videos with good content of at least 20 min but not longer than 45 min


Ideas, tips and tricks for a motivating work with the horse. Short videos should help to make training varied and motivating.


1x a year we would like to provide a live stream with Bent Branderup to the annual subscribers


In order to offer as much personalized service as possible, each trainer will receive an individual page with pictures, welcome video and links to all channels. You can also link or sell products from your own store.

How can licensed BB trainers directly participate, benefit and get financial support?

Sale of instructional videos
Sale of short video
Free advertising space & store system
Sell your educational videos to the platform

For each instructional video (min. 20 min/max. 45 min) you can charge a fee of 200€ + VAT. The payment is made directly after the invoice is issued. With this you make your video available to the online platform for one year.

Sell short videos to the platform

Also be there with 4 short videos (min. 5 min/max 10 min) that you provide. For 5 short videos you will additionally receive 200€ + VAT. With this you make your video available to the online platform for one year.

Reach an international audience through the platform and put your products & offers in the focus for free

We offer you a free trainer and product page where you can promote yourself and your products. All channels can be linked. There are NO costs for you for the maintenance and provision of the site!

You do not have a store on your homepage yet? Then use the store in store system on this platform!

On the online platform you can also sell additional videos or products which are not free of charge for subscribers. If you are interested, an individual offer will be created for you.

Get additional free gift cards & promotional materials

You will receive promotional materials for the Online Riding School for the Academic Art of Riding. You will also receive two gift cards for a free trial month. You can give them to your followers, students or customers in the course of raffles. These gift vouchers can be raffled off independently on your social media.

Financial justice

Of course we have thought about the fact that different trainers have different market values. Different market values are also traded differently financially. In order to start a joint project where the success is not calculable yet, every coach (no matter if squire, knight or master) should also think in common and be financially equal in the first year. If it becomes a successful idea, further development is possible.

The offers for the interested user


There may also be a section where individual videos of trainers are sold. Store within the store system.


An additional offer could be Live Stream Seminars. Users with annual access will receive a discount on such seminars. This allows every trainer to use the online platform as an advertisement for his live streams.

Neue Web-Seminare & Live Stream Seminare verfügbar

schau vorbei!!